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How much does it cost to participate?
The cost is $25 for MBCA members and $30 for non-members. Licensed drivers 18 and under participate for free. What is autocross?
Autocross is a timed low-to-medium speed driving event held on any large paved area. The course, which is normally different at each event, consists of traffic cones (sometimes called pylons) laid out in patterns that define the features through which competitors drive. The objective is to drive the course as quickly as you can without hitting any cones.


Why would I want to autocross?
It's FUN! and you will build handling and braking skills that will make you a better and safer driver.


Will autocrossing hurt my car?
Except for a little wear on your tires, autocrossing should not hurt your car.


What must I do to prepare for an autocross?
Keep your car in good operating condition. We require you to clean out your trunk and remove loose items from the passenger compartment. We recommend you leave all unnecessary items at home. Bring a large plastic bag or two to cover items (like floor mats) removed at the event. You should also increase tire pressures – use (vehicle weight + driver weight)/100 as a good starting point for front tire pressures. Set rear tire pressures a couple pounds less than the front tires.


Do I need a helmet?
Yes. We have loaner helmets available if you don't have your own. Will the event go on as scheduled if it rains?
Yes. We only cancel if the weather forecast includes conditions that would represent a hazard to participants, workers, and spectators. We will post a notice on our web site if we cancel an event due to extreme weather.


Do I need special tires?
We recommend regular street tires for at least the first few times you autocross. While many autocross regulars use them, competition tires are not essential.


Do I need to be a member of the Mercedes-Benz Club to participate?
We allow non-members to participate in up to two events during the year. To participate in more than two events, you will have to join the club. We have membership applications and information at every autocross.


What is the penalty for knocking down a cone?
Each cone you knock down or move out of its box adds two (2) seconds to your raw time for that run. Knocking the end cone in the stop garage down or moving it out of its box results in an automatic DNF.


What is a DNF?
Did Not Finish – no time is recorded. Will I be allowed to run the course again if the timing equipment fails to record a time?
You will be allowed a re-run if a timing error occurs during a scored run. You will not be allowed a re-run if there is a timing error during practice runs.


What is Defensive Driving?
Especially helpful for new drivers, defensive driving has something to offer drivers of all ages and experience levels. The event consists of four to seven exercises designed to help students learn more about vehicle dynamics – some of the exercises simulate emergency situations a driver might encounter in daily driving. All exercises are done at low to moderate speeds on courses laid out using traffic cones that serve as pylons.